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Honestly, I enjoyed this game far more than I expected to. I had originally went in anticipating a goofy little adventure, and it was, until I "won."

Spoilers beyond this line:

Dario, I believe you have a strong argument and for the most part, I agree with your message. There are a lot of people who believe a game, first and foremost, should be "fun". That to be fun is the major component of what games are and what they "should" be. You and I both know that's not true, and I have had many an arguments about this topic.

However, you specified that "nowadays games should be about life, not about fun," and I don't know you personally, but I do not believe that you believe that, unconditionally at least.

Speaking for myself, games should not have an expectation to be "fun." I believe games should be, at the very least, interactive. Anything else that defines the game should be defined by the person who makes it. Like all art, it should be a reflection of the artist. That's why I adore indie games. They feel a lot more personal, that you Dario, sent me on an adventure, whether or not it was intended to be fun.

I really enjoyed the overall message you presented in this game.

EDIT: I just read your website's About page, that your company defines itself as developers, ideally, making "non-fun" games, that goes "beyond fun and cover the emotional spectrum of quality entertainment media". That's definitely something worth exploring in this industry, and hopefully one day the stigma that "if a game is not fun then it's not a game" can be snuffed out.

Awesome graphics, it seems better than bersek

Combat system is so advanced as the Mortal combat one's

The narative seems like top hollywood films

mind blowing

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